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Never pretend date the customers.

So, I go to Bingo at least one a week with my co-worker/friend/boyfriend/I'mnotquitesureyet.

He likes to be friendly with the runners (people who sell you off-packet cards and take your winning card to be verified). He calls them by their names, flirts with the girls, etc. He told one of them that if he won off of the card she sold him, he'd buy her dinner.

Yeah, while I'm sitting there, but that's another post for another community.

A few weeks later, he does win, off of the packet, but she's the one to take it up. He's like, damn, I gotta buy her dinner now. So after the session, he gets her number or whatever, I don't know, I was busy outside being a little mad.

Yesterday, he went without me, and as soon as she saw him, she walked up and said, "You're on my shit list."

He's like, buh? and she gave him the classic and always-appreciated, "You know why." Except he doesn't. He thinks it's because he never called her, but, dude. Like nobody ever made a crazy promise while gambling before?

After he got home, he called me up and invited me to go with him to the late night session, and I did.

She totally avoided our entire area. She wouldn't even look in our direction. I passed her once on my way to the concession stand, I smiled at her, she narrowed her eyes at me and walked on.

Also, at the start, they have to give the disclaimers. "You have to be eighteen, we don't award sleepers, keep it down to a dull roar, etc" and they added "Runners are not allowed to take tips", which neither of us had heard before. I suggested to him that he got the new policy installed.

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