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Okay, now I'm irritated.

I've been having a rough day, but I'll try to be brief. Two stories.

Went to lunch with my boss and her assistant today, at a local Mexican place we've eaten at before without any problems. Today we noticed that we were waiting a long time for food, especially since we'd ordered two salads and guacamole tacos. We also noticed that no one else had food either, and we couldn't smell anything cooking, although the takeout stuff seemed to be getting made.

Just about the time we were ready to walk out we saw trays start to come out of the kitchen and could smell food cooking. I saw the owner/manager come out with a tray and said, "here comes our food," just as she took it to the table behind us. She started to set the plates out and one of the men at the table had opened up the tacos to look inside them and said, "oh, these aren't mine. I ordered beef tacos."

My boss turned around, looked at the tray and said "That's OUR food." So the owner started to set those tacos down in front of the assistant, and she said "I'm not eating food someone else has had their hands on." So the owner said she'd remake it and gave us the two salads that hadn't ever left her tray.

Well, those tacos never got remade and after about 15 minutes of pointedly ignoring us, our waitress came over acting very upset and asked "No tacos?" We said, just forget the tacos now. We asked them to comp her ice tea, since she never got her food, and the waitress said okay but then brought us our bills including 1.50 for her tea. She went up to the owner and said I'm not paying for this. The owner took it and said, okay. I'll buy your tea, but acted like it was a huge favor.

It'll be a while before we go THERE again. What's ironic is that we went there because they're usually so fast, but I've never spent that long at the better Mexican place, even when it's crowded.

The soda is really irritating. I love Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. I call it crack. I can go through a 12 pack of cans in a week without breaking a sweat. Two 12-packs if it's hot. I'm not so crazy about the Diet Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper. It's not horrible, it's just not very good. So yesterday I was very irritated when I came back from the fridge with a can of crack from the new 12 pack and saw it was Berries & Cream. I figured I'd grabbed the wrong box at the store, easy to do since they look so much alike and sit side by side.

Tonight I'm thirsty and I think, what the hell, they're cold. So I go get a can. And realize that I didn't grab the wrong box. The 12 pack clearly says "Diet Cherry Vanilla" and all the cans inside are Diet Berries & Cream. I will be contacting Dr. Pepper, hoo boy.
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