mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service, or am I just ignorant in the ways of plumbing?

I think I've been scammed, or that the plumber was just completely incompetent.

Trying to discover whether I have just been scammed by a plumber.

Short of it is this – two years ago in an attempt to get better water pressure plumbing company a came out and ran ¾” copper tubing from the meter to the house (replacing 3/4ths galvanized that was pretty damn clogged) and they did a little bit of work inside. This made no difference in water pressure at all.

The owner of the company called and asked how I was liking it and I told him there was no difference, so he sent his guys out to run a couple of segments further inside copper. This made no difference.

At this point I could not afford anything more, and let it go.

About two months ago I was telling a contractor I know about this, he came over and putzed around and just looked at the thing and pointed out that the water pressure along the copper lines seemed to be the same as it was on the garden hose (which is run off of the incoming main line copper to copper) and he was going to send a guy out to look at it.

Cut to today, guy comes to look at the thing and tells me I need a pressure regulator to up the pressure. I am skeptical and ask how this could happen with a non-electric device, he assured me that the pressure regulator was what needed to be done to fix the issue and I thought, well, he’s the plumber.

I come back, he’s almost done with the thing, and I get to testing things and notice there’s less water pressure, he says he’ll turn the pressure up at the pressure regulator, so he puts it to 80, it’s about the same as it was before (which was 74 PSI) and I tell him it’s now the same as before… he warns me of the dangers of blowing the seals if he turns it up too much and how it’s probably because some of the pipe inside is still old pipe.

I mention to him that the flow from where the pressure regulator to the garden hose is it a solid run of copper, there’s no pipe older than 2 years there, and it has no change in pressure. He then tells me that the galvanized that is about 4 feet further down the water chain’s being backed up is probably the cause.

In case this is confusing, here’s the chain as it exists

Water meter – either 3/4ths or 1” copper pipe to the house – pressure regulator (Watts Series N55B-m1) – 3 feet copper – a galvanized Y split that runs aprox ½” – ¾” copper to the water hose

Now, the funny thing is way down on the other side of the Y is a 30 foot run of old galvanized. The water pressure up there is fine as long as nothing else is on in the house. If you flush a toilet at that end the water pressure on the hose out front drops.

Anyway, I pay the guy, call up the contractor who initially send him to me, and I ask him this “The guy came out, took my low-water-pressure system and installed a Watts pressure regulator, a device that as far as I can tell serves only to lower water pressure when it is too high. I have absolutely no change in water pressure, and perhaps even a decrease in it now. Can you think of any reason why this device (N55B-M1 for those wanting to google it) would be installed as a fix for this?” and the contractor I talked to would not answer, just said he was going to call up the plumber.

So, now I am out $500, I have a pressure reducer (as far as I can tell) on my house, and am left without any answers.

So, bad service in progress.

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