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Dear inconsiderate asswipes,

Yes, I have three children. Yes, all three children are under the age of 4, although the oldest will BE 4 in November. Yes, I'm pregnant again.

Yes, I was taking birth control. No, I'm sure I didn't miss any days. Yes, I'm sure that these kids are mine, that I want them, and that I DO want kid #4 (who we've finally picked out a name for).

SO FUCK OFF, ASSHOLES...and stop treating me like shit JUST BECAUSE I WANT A LARGE FAMILY!

No love,
The very pissed off mom

To explain this rant...

I picked up my WIC checks and headed out to get some stuff. The cashier I got was a youngish woman, probably early to mid 20's (I'm guessing here...she had a ton of make up on and bleached blonde hair and I'm horrible with guessing ages correctly if they've done that). My kids behaved themselves (for a change...the girls are notorious for being little brats at times), were very polite, didn't touch anything, and were just waiting patiently for mommy to get them their apple juice.

This woman asks me if I'm baby sitting. I tell her no, that all three of these kids are mine. I have to give her my ID with my WIC checks, so my birthdate is pretty freaking obvious on my driver's license. She stares at it, and then at me, and then back at my license. Then she makes some comment about me looking pregnant to her bagger. Not to me...to her CO-WORKER. Me being the way I am, I told her that I was pregnant. She asked me point blank if I'd ever heard of something called birth control.

I had my groceries at that point, so I just walked off. I went to the service desk and complained about the cashier to the manager. The manager said he'd take care of it, and was in the process of telling her off as I walked out. The kicker? She made a comment that pissed me off even more as I walked out. "She's a fucking bottom feeder, *insert name of awesome store manager here*. She's just having kids so she can stay on welfare."

FUCK YOU, BITCH! My husband doesn't make enough money to support a family of five. I don't like being on welfare anymore than you like seeing me on welfare. I can't wait to get the hell out of this area and into one where the cost of living isn't so fucking high.

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