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I'm not sure which this story is more of, but it's a good combo of customers_suck and bad_service, so I'll cross-post it to both, and if it should be more appropriate for one community over the other, I'll delete the latter of the two.

I went on a food run for my coworkers and I to McDonald's just before they switched over to the breakfast menu. I place my order and pull up to the truck sitting at the first window in front of me as well as... a pedestrian.

I make sure I'm several feet behind this guy for safety measure. The truck pulls up the 2nd window and the pedestrian starts talking to the lady at the window and she proceeds to accept whatever order he has and his money. I just kind of stare at this guy and he pays and proceeds to the 2nd window.

I pay and have to move up the the 2nd window as well, and unfortunately my food is ready first while he's chatting with the person manning the 2nd window. I have to pull up and instead of him moving a comfortable distance away from the window while I pull up, he pushes himself against the wall between it and my car. The girl hands me my food and he cracks a joke, "OHHH! YOU HIT ME!" and laughs.

NO, not funny.

Because I didn't want to be in & near that situation any longer, I proceed to drive off without checking the order. They left out one of my coworker's double cheeseburger, but they luckily didn't charge me for it (after checking the receipt that I had left in my car).

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