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Dear Chase: go die.

Ok... long-time-ish lurker, first time poster. I'm usually pretty laid-back about service, and haven't had anything worth posting about on here.

Until this past week. My auto loan is through Chase, it's fairly new [only got the car Mar. 31] and it's my first ever loan like that. Like, ever, really.

My first payment was about 5 days late. I'm not proud of it, but it happened. I also set up online auto payments so it wouldn't ever happen again. The problem I had was the 'agent' who holds my loan, or whatever - extremely rude, was acting like I was a failure to society or somesuch because a] I work nights b] I had rehearsals for a play all that week and was letting a lot of stuff hit voicemail on the phone.

So I paid, and went on my merry way. Only not. May 30th, I get a phone call from him saying "gloraelin call me !IMMEDIATELY! at [number]!"

I do so. He claims the account is NOT paid, there's been legal action served on my car, oh, and it's gonna get repo'd in 22 days if I don't pay. Oh yeah, and he can't do anything about it over the phone, I have to go to a branch to figure it all out. I inform him I did pay, I got a confirmation number and everything. "Oh, it was reversed. No idea why. Go see a banker."

Rather scared, I headed off to find a branch [also rather pissed because I'd had rehearsals that day and still had to work that night] to sort it all out. I find out that a] there's no legal action on the account, b] much less a repo, c] it had been reversed the DAY BEFORE, and there was no way anything would have been done that fast, again, much less a repo d] I can pay in a couple of days when I get my paycheck. I'm not living check to check, but I had something very unexpected come up and needed the extra few dollars to fully cover it. As it turned out, the reversal WAS my fault, since I had missed a number in the check

So. All in all, this agent asshat has lied to me, threatened me with a repo, bullied me, and treated me like a piece of garbage, all so I'd pay. I do realize I'm in the prime age group to not pay bills [I'm 22] but I'm actively trying to build credit, dumbbell. The late payment would have been the ONLY one - again, set up autopay.

I'm thinking of trying to change from him to someone else who'll hold the loan, but I don't know how to do that at all. He just ... irritates the crap out of me. GRRR.

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