Missy Sedai (missysedai) wrote in bad_service,
Missy Sedai

Yay for bigotry!

This happened last night and is a crosspost from my journal. (So as not to confuse anyone, note that it is my custom when quoting myself to use italics.)

I figure I can post this here while waiting for Lowe's to open so I can ask the manager if he thinks it appropriate for his employees to be telling racist jokes just because he thinks the person he's telling them to is white:

Just got back from Lowe's. We needed gardening stuff, as I have time tomorrow to actually work on that.

Mark was wearing his "I Hate People" t-shirt and got stopped, as happens from time to time, by a Lowe's employee who said "You don't really mean that!"

Says Mark: "I'm a retail store manager. Of course I mean it!"

"No you don't! Here, let me tell you a joke! What's the difference between a terrorist and a toddler?"


"Terrorists wear their diapers on their heads!"


Baby, I think we need to get a manager.

The associate didn't understand why we'd need a manager.

"I'm SYRIAN, you NIT!"

Yeah...some of those dirty muck mucks look just like white people!

Cue the idiot sputtering.

Mark wouldn't let me get the manager.

We're both livid. I may still talk to a manager tomorrow. For now, I need to run to dance class.

In what universe does anyone think this is appropriate? Neither of us appreciate the whole "Middle Eastern = terrorist" meme to begin with, but this was just ridiculous. A day later, I'm still livid.

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