Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

The not very helpful taxi firm

A year or two ago I lived in Cambridge. I was going to a Napalm Death gig in London, and ordered a taxi to Cambridge railway station so I could get a train to London. As it happened, I needed to get the taxi from the school where I worked, rather than my home address, because there wasn't time for me to travel home after a staff meeting and still make the gig.

I phoned up from my mobile phone and booked the taxi for 5pm from [school]. 5pm comes, I'm taxi. 5.15 taxi. I go and use the school payphone to find out what happened.

Me: Ordered taxi...blah blah...didn't come yet...blah blah
Taxi firm: We didn't send a car because you didn't asnwer your mobile phone.

Maybe because I didn't have my phone on me? I never take phones to Napalm Death gigs (or grindcore/hardcore gigs in general); their pits are noted for their violence and my phone could easily be smashed, dropped or stolen while I'm slamdancing. When I booked the taxi the firm said nothing about it being a condition of service that I have my phone with me to confirm the booking.

When I complained their attitude was that normal people have mobiles with them and switched on at all times (really?...I guess cinemas, theatres and hospitals would be thrilled to hear it) and they assumed that because I didn't answer I didn't want the taxi. It was, according to them, all my fault for not having a phone with me. They got really snotty and said it was 'policy' and not their problem. Surely if you have such a policy you should tell the customer about it?

I was rather late to the gig :(
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