A scream from the Void... (bane_keldare) wrote in bad_service,
A scream from the Void...

Okay, so I didn't think I'd really post here for anything, mainly because I work a crappy job and I'm usually under the customers_suck persuasion, but I do have a very nagging annoyance I need to get off my chest.

So, I'm a gamer, and as such I tend to purchase a new video game from time to time. Since I don't have a car (don't really need one) I tend to go to Hastings because it's closer than the mall, and I don't really have to take the bus there.

So to the employers of Hastings:

Can you PLEASE give your keys to somebody other than the snooty girl who ALWAYS seems unhappy/annoyed? I get a little tired of feeling like I'm dragging a person away by their ear just because I wanted to save myself a little travel time. I'm tired of watching this same girl look at the back of the game I want, and going "Uh...hooo-kay..." and rolling her eyes as she walks the game up to the front counter.

I mean, seriously, I know I even LOOK like a nerd, what with my skinny, glasses-wearing demeanor and all, but I don't really want to feel like I'm being judged here. I don't.

And you HAVE some great employees! Everyone who works the registers are not only friendly, but they usually have the same interests I do, so we'll usually be chatting about my purchase while payment is being rendered. It's great!


But I'm never going to get a new game from there again, unless you're the only place that has a copy.

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