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Speaking of no means no...

Today I went to go get my glasses updated and new contacts for the first time in a few years. The place I had previously gone to, America's Best, was still around and all that jazz so I called and made an appointment a few days ago.

The receptionist today was quite nice. The girl who checked my glasses vision was nice as well, and so was the doctor who did my contact exam. So, all that being done, I headed to look at the glasses and picked a few pairs out.

The girl who I interacted with afterwards seemed really nice and perky. But the first thing she did was tack on $150 or so for thin lenses because "I should get them with my prescription." She barely explained it at first, just immediately pulled out a calculator and started putting in numbers. Before I could get a chance to decline, she was already trying to push me into getting the glare-reduction. Mmkay. I had those last time, and for whatever reason, it made me squintier in the sunlight and my eyes hurt. And even after I explained that to her, she still tried to push me into getting it. "Well, it must be that your glasses are scratched" - No, they did that the very first time I wore them - "But it's better if you sit at the computer" - No, I take my glasses off when I use the computer.

Then after that, she threw on more expenses. 99$ for their eyecare club, $99 for a year's supply of contacts, blahblah. I admit, the prices aren't bad. But I had already explained to her that I was going on vacation for 2 weeks in just 15 days. So not only was I saving up money for my vacation, but I also wasn't going to get a paycheck for those 2 weeks. So why wasn't she taking no for an answer?

At this point, thoughts of leaving had seriously begun to cross my mind. And then she jumped up, told me she'd be right back, and left. I had a few minutes of peace to think about what I REALLY wanted - Basic glasses, basic contacts (2 boxes, NOT a year's worth), and the eyecare club just because I'll be damned if I spend $69 on a stupid exam when I can spend 99 and get free exams for the next few years and 10% off.

So I prepared to tell her this when she came back. And she comes back and tells me that she talked to her manager and they would let me put money down and pay the rest when I came to pick up my glasses.

She wanted me to put half down, which somehow amounted to $220. Uhm. What?

So yeah. She apparently talked to her manager about something I'd never agreed on, for over twice of what I'd wanted to pay in total.

I told her no, that I wasn't looking to spend that much. I also told her what I wanted, which she seemed to go along with.

... then she asked me if I wanted UVB protection. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. FINALLY, after she fought with the computer for 10 minutes (and this whole thing was about 20-25 minutes of her pressuring me beforehand), I got my stupid receipt and got the hell out of there. I really, really don't know how I managed to be polite the whole time. Not once did I raise my voice, although lemme tell you, after the first 10 times of telling her no, I seriously wanted to.

(Sorry about how long this is, I just had to get it out!)
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