Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God. (tygrrtygrr) wrote in bad_service,
Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God.

Oh, give me a break

I have a 9-month-old bearded dragon named Igor.  I also have a part-time job, full-time class load, karate lessons 5 days a week, and a  school newspaper to run.  The former necessitates that I regularly order live bugs in large quantities to feed to the monster.  The latter deprives me of the guarantee that I will be home when the package arrives.

For the past few months, I've solved the conflict by having my buggies shipped to the local UPS store, from which I can pick the box up for a $5 fee, and prevent any bugs from dying while sitting outside my door in the summer heat or winter cold.  So far, this has not been a problem -- the employees at the UPS store have been very cool about it.

Last week, I placed an order for 500 superworms, shipped to the UPS store.  Today, I got a phone call from someone there.

Employee: "Did you order some crickets or something?"
Me: "Yes, I did."
Employee: "Well... they're here."
Me: "Great, I'll be by to pick them up later this afternoon." (I had class until 3)
Employee: *pause* "Yes, please do." (in a rushed voice).

Um, ok.  They're just some worms (think giant mealworms), they don't bite, and they're well-contained.  As promised, I go by the store after class.

Me: (to lady at counter) "Hi, I'm (name), I'm here to pickup a package."
Lady: *eyes go wide* "Boy are we glad you're here."
Other employee: (walking up) "Are you the one with the crickets?  I don't think they're alive.  They're not chirping or anything."
Me: "Well, they're superworms, actually.  For my bearded dragon."
Lady: *nose wrinkle* "Bearded dragon?!?  Isn't that a lizard?"
Me: "Yep."
Lady: *looking increasingly horrified* "And it eats worms?"
Me: "Yep."
Other employee: *comes up holding package at arms length, exaggerated look of disgust on her face* "Here, you can have the stinky things."
Lady: "Yeah, those things stink."
At this point, I'm so annoyed that I just take the box, pay, and leave without another word.

Gah.  I mean, I'm used to people asking questions about my dragon, but I can't stand when people treat me like it's so weird or repulsive to keep a reptile as a pet.  I just felt both of them were extremely unprofessional.

Though now I know where to have my next order of feeder roaches shipped.  *Grins evilly*
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