Kahleida (kahleida) wrote in bad_service,

Sizing Issues

This isn't super bad service, but enough so that I feel like getting it off my chest here.

Through a friend I came across this web based store selling club wear designs by some guy. The concept is that it is faux fur clothing that has lights inside so that it glows. Pretty good idea that would work great at outdoor parties.
The annoyance began when there wasn't a size chart anywhere to be found on the page. I'm sorry but listing the options as small to X-large doesn't mean much as a large from one store can be a different size and cut from another store. Aside from what the clothes look like, the measurements are the most important thing you need to know about clothes when buying them online and can't try them on.
I was interested in the fur wristbands, that are basically like big bracelets of faux fur. Now I have larger than average wrists. Some bracelets will fit me fine, others are way too tight, and I can't stand to have something tight on my wrists especially if I'm planning on wearing them for an extended period while dancing.
So I email the designer/seller and ask "I am wondering how big around the glow fur wristbands are (ie what size wrist will they accommodate) and are they stretchy or have some sort of open and closing feature?"
His entire response to that was "one size fits all".
WTF? If I'm bothering to ask such questions obviously I am concerned that the one size fits all will not work with me, since we all know in reality one size fits all means one size fits most at best.

So yeah, not a huge deal. But he lost himself a sale if only I knew the length of the damn things.

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