Blank (therosewilde) wrote in bad_service,

My housemate has brought back fleas. So, pest control guy in.

But since him being a patronising bastard seems to be gender-specific, needs to go to those who know I could be seen as female.

* He greeted me by housemate's name (not a big deal, he didn't know there were two of us) announced himself as Trevor, and walked in before I could ask for ID. Now bear in mind this is a man pushing into what he thinks is a single woman's house.

* Told me to "Put the kettle on love, i'm parched." When told we didn't have tea or coffee, went "I'll have hot water, you can do that can't you? It's not complicated."

* Told me "Look, go look up fleas on the internet, then you'll know what you're dealing with here." when I asked about where I should put my rat to keep him safe.

* Poked a finger in Sarge's cage [Sarge being my rat] before I could tell him "Don't do that." and then complained "he's not very friendly, what have you been doing to him?"

* I told him he couldn't spray my room - serious allergies, and there's been nothing seen there - i've already taken the risk and sprayed with bug spray. He goes "Well lovie, put a saucer of water down and i'll show you them collected, then you'll know what you're going on about." So I did. Nothing. I TOLD him not to spray my room, and shut the door. He did it anyway while I was downstairs.
[ETA: Yes, I know, he has to do "his job". But, when the person paying your wages actively denies consent for something, and gives a damn good reason why, I think you should respect that.]

* Sprayed not just my carpet but my bed and blankets, AFTER I told him not to touch anyhting of mine.

* I have a small altar in my room. He picked things up off it and started asking what they were.

* I gave him my name as Lisa. He spent the whole time going "Lees, lees," even after I told him several times that it was Lisa. Including when I said "Goodbye" going repeatedly "Nice to meet you Lees. Lees? It was nice to meet you." in a really patronising tone of voice.

In general, he refused to listen, treated me like I was a silly little girl, and asked far too many personal questions.
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