soldier girl (maude) wrote in bad_service,
soldier girl

UPDATE on my MenuFoods fiasco: we got a letter in the mail today promising to reimburse us for all of the vet costs! All together in ended up being $832.47, which, you know, it's awesome they're finally admitting their mistake and paying us back for all the hell they caused us, but...endangering my kitty's life = not forgivable. Sorry. I won't be buying any MenuFoods products for the rest of my life.

I also have some new bad service from Gerbes Pharmacy.

Here's as short as I can get it:

I'm on a really, really regulated medicine that has be filled from 7 days within the date that the doctor enters my test results into the system, NOT 7 days from within my appointment. I went to Gerbes Pharmacy yesterday at 6:45 PM, my 7 days expired at midnight last night. It took the pharmacist an hour (after quoting me 20 minutes) to look at the date on my prescription and decide that it had expired. I told her that my doctor entered my test results last Thursday, which made my prescription still valid, and she could check the medication's program to see. She refused, said it was expired, and wouldn't fill it.

Well, obviously it wasn't expired, so I called the doctor's office today to ask them to write me another prescription or to schedule me to come in and take more tests or something. It turns out that if it's not filled within those 7 days, you're screwed and can't get it for a month, and after that month you have to spend 2 months getting more tests before you can get any more prescriptions written. Because I'll be out of the country most of the summer I obviously can't have any tests done. That makes it September until I can even start the medication again.

The thing is, this was my LAST MONTH of taking this medication. I was going to be DONE with it. But because of the pharmacist, in September I have to start the entire program all over again. Which basically renders the past four months of copays, tests, and really, really shitty side effects...COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WORTHLESS. Plus, I'm on a really high dosage, which is going to make this month of withdrawal pure and utter shit.

So to conclude, the pharmacist fucked up and refused to fill my prescription. I now have to go through the hassle, pain, and cost of withdrawal and starting it up again four months later, all without a single utterance of apology from the pharmacist. Ugh.

EDIT: Aww thank you all so much for your well-wishes for my kitty. I was afraid to update on that situation in case of more jerks, but obviously I had the wrong impression :) Kitty thanks you too!
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