Defender of small animals (sakurabana1) wrote in bad_service,
Defender of small animals

The WORST in service

I am using a cut because this is long, but worth the read. I tried to leave in all the important stuff, but I may have missed something. I didn't want this to be pages and pages.

I couldn't have ever dreamed this would happen. For those who don't know, I just moved into a gorgeous new apartment so I could be closer to school. I had an appt. on Tues. for Time Warner to come out and hook up my internet; I was having net withdrawals by this time.

The kid (and I do mean kid) showed up a half an hour late. I really didn't care since I was tired and just hanging out unpacking. But, he starts right in about how much it sucks that my appt. was so late in the day, 1:30pm, but he showed at 2:00. He asked if I had been home all day and I said yes. Then he starts in about how if I am home I should pick up my damn phone and he could have come earlier. He also said "I know you are going to call my supervisor like 20 minutes after I leave and complain about me". I actually ignored him and just told him to install the cable now, then he could be done and on his way. He said he would be right back.

I know they have to go find the cable box, but it was coming up on 45 minutes and he wasn't back. I walked down stairs to see if I could find him and he was leaning on his truck, holding some record albums and talking to some guys. I approached him and pointed out that if he was so hot to get out of here, standing around chatting isn't going to make anything go faster. He said he had to find the cable box, but he clearly wasn't even looking. He walked up to the ground manager and asked him where the cable boxes were located, that's how I KNEW he hadn't even looked.

I went back upstairs and waited some more. No cable guy. I called the home office to see if they could figure where he was and what was going on, when he came into the apartment. He heard me talking to the office and walked back out of the apartment. My window was open, but he wasn't even quiet. He said "Bitch". I followed him out of my apartment and told him to forget it. That I was canceling my service and he needed to leave. I asked him his name but he wouldn't tell me, so I asked for his supervisors name. He said he supervisor was there.

Like I said, he was already down so I proceeded down stairs to find his boss. He started talking, "Cracked head. Whore". I ignored him. I walked out the back gate and complained I was following him. I explained again that was looking for someone in charge, because there was no way his behavior was acceptable. He started complaining that carrying around a 50lb. ladder was hard and took time. Note that he said 50lbs.

Cut to me finding his boss around the corner and I explained what was going on and how it was unacceptable. The kid had followed me in his truck so he could plead his case at the same time. He started in again about how carrying a 500lb. ladder was hard and he couldn't find the box. Of course, his boss was standing on a rooftop working, with his own ladder leaning on the roof. I pointed out that he seemed to have no problem doing it, and he wasn't using any foul language either.

The kid started up again "Cracked head! You do too many drugs". Since his boss was there I just looked at him and asked him if this was behavior was ok. He said absolutely not, and called their boss. I went back upstairs to file a formal complaint and since I kept getting transfered up the chain, I had to repeat this story over and over. Everybody was left speechless.

In the end the supervisior that had been there came up and completed the service, apologizing over and over. I just wanted my internet. Sheesh.
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