Kayla (b0oger) wrote in bad_service,

I don't know if this is bad_service, but it sure pissed me off.

I recently signed up with ANZ for their Access Savings debit account. Basically, you get a card, a pin, and pay $5 a month for unlimited transaction fees. It sounded pretty good!

I signed up on their website and two weeks later I received a letter in the mail. I have to go and open the account in a branch. Cause they need ID. Fair enough.

Since I work full time and do not drive, I found it difficult to get into the branch. A week or two later, I finally get to a branch and open my account. The lady gives me my card number, lets me assign a pin, and says the actual card will be in the mail and should arrive soon. For now, I can use internet banking.

Silly me, I go home and transfer $100 from my old debit account to my new ANZ debit account. I then waited another 2 weeks for my card to arrive.

It finally does, so I call the number which was on the sticker on the card. The guy I spoke to was a bit confused, instead of activating it he reported it as stolen/lost. 20 minutes later, it got sorted out.

Yay! Card is all good!.. or so I think. The boy and I go shopping and I use my brand new ANZ card. I slide it in the machine, wack in my pin.. card declined. Buh? I try again. Declined. Very embarrassed. I hadn't forgotten the pin as I assigned the same pin as the one on my old debit card.

I go home, call up ANZ again. I get lost in their web of robots telling me to push 3, 5, 3257, 2, 5, 1 and get through to someone. Who puts me through to someone else. Who puts me through to someone else. The person I got then tells me I have to go back into a branch and assign a pin to my card and provide ID. Urgh. I have already done that.

Oh well, I go back into a branch a few weeks later, as that was the only time I could make it. I assign a pin to my card and Yay! Card is all good!.. or so I think. Again.

I go shopping once more and try to pay with my ANZ card. Declined AGAIN gaaah. I go home and log on to internet banking, and sure enough, my $100 is still in there. There were funds in the account. I try to transfer my $100 back into my savings account and get an annoying message saying "This account is restricted".

I am really annoyed at this point. I call up ANZ again, battle the robots and talk to a girl this time. She said I had to go back into a branch and provide ID for the card to work. I have done this TWICE already.

So yeah. Tl;dr, much?

I am not sure this is bad service, but I really want my $100 back so I can close my account and never deal with those bastards again. At the bank I'm with now, I call their helpline, push 2 and speak to a real person. I have never had an issue with their cards, I just thought ANZ would be good as they offer this Unlimited Transactions thing. Oh well. Banks.

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