Loved by Many, Shown by few (wesleybratt78) wrote in bad_service,
Loved by Many, Shown by few

Just sad really

Last Saturday I went to Bennigan's in Euless, TX with my best friend and her boyfriend. My friend was going to pay for my lunch since I was there from Oklahoma visiting. Anyways, it took forever for our waiter to come to our table after we received our menus. Well, finally about 30 minutes later, our waiter showed up. He took our drink orders and food orders and went on to turn in our ticket. Okay, I ordered a Diet Pepsi, and my friend ordered a Dr. Pepper. Well, needless to say, the waiter screwed up the drink orders, so we had to get somebody else to fix our drinks because we didnt know where our waiter went. Somebody else brought our food and we were eating. Well, I had ran out of water AND Diet Pepsi, and I wanted more water. Well, the waiter saw it but just stood at his station just talking away with whoever. We had to get a waitress to get me a refill. And then, our waiter did what I call a "Drive By Checking" meaning he finally showed up at our table quickly and left quickly as he was in mid sentence of "how is everything" and was gone before we could really answer him. Well, also, a group has came in and sat at one of his tables and he never showed up after about 45 minutes, so they up and left, and a table by us had to get to go boxes because they had to wait on their food that took forever.

So, needless to say, we werent happy and my friend didnt leave a tip.

By the way, I am a newbie, so play fair please
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