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A Newbie with a Beef

Hi all. I just joined. Got a story for you from today. Hope you don't mind, but it's a cross post from my personal journal, too.

So, yes, I just tore CVS a new one. They deserve it. I am really starting to think this photo thing is a scam, and I told them that. Not only at the actual store, but I just contacted their corporate office, as well. Made sure to enter the store number and address, too.

As you know, yesterday I brought those three rolls of film in to be developed. I picked them up later that evening on the way home from dinner with the folks, but didn't check them until we were home because my parents had a small argument in the car and dad was now trying to kill us with it, so I was holding on for dear life.

I pull out the photos to have a look and notice that they, once again, did not print all the photos that showed up on the negatives. The first time they did it, I let it go, thinking it was a mistake, and let Wolf Camera reprint them for me. But this time around, it was smelling fishy.

So I walk in to CVS today with the three packages of photos. I put them on the counter and explained the issue. The girl was very understanding, wrote the issue down on each package, and wrote down the numbers of the photos that were not printed. After a moment of adoring one of my photos of a flower, she took the packages back and I went on my way.

Went out on another photo taking jaunt, but managed to get on a road that was just too busy for me to pull over and take photos, so none were taken.

On my way back, the CVS girl calls to tell me my pictures are ready to be picked up. I thank her and tell her I'll be there in about an hour.

I go in, the girl hands me the packages and asks me to check and make sure they got them all right. One package at a time. After the last one I tell her all is well, and put my hand out for the other packages.

This is where she hands me a bill for $20.

Ok, so am I wrong, or is there something a little fishy about this scene? They fucked up and only printed about half of each roll, then charged me $20 because printing the photos they forgot was considered a reprint? Where in this does "re" come in at all? I had to get three rolls of film run through their machine twice because they didn't do it right the first time, but I get charged to fix their mistake? No, I'm sorry, that doesn't ring right with me.

So I told her again what the situation was, and she smiled fake at me. Then told me I couldn't have my pictures - half of which I paid for yesterday - back until I paid the $20.

Let me speak to a manager. None are available? My ass!

So I came home and wrote their corporate office. Tomorrow, I call. The next day, I call. The day after that, I call. I call and email until I get $20. And maybe some coupons or something.

This, my friends, is where I become the queen of evil customers. I give it a week before I stand out in front of the place with a sign telling everyone going in about the situation at hand.

I know it's "only" $20, but the fact is 1. I paid twice to get the film developed because they fucked up and 2. that's a little over 2 hours of stuffing ATM canisters. So I'm ticked off.

BTW, I didn't have them put on disc. I wanted to, but it seems this is some big elaborate thing that means sending them off to a far off land. And I wasn't about to that, seeing as it would probably need to be sent off twice, and paid for twice. So I'll let you know as I scan them when they are up for viewing.
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