Thoughts of a nerdy feminist (idemandjustice) wrote in bad_service,
Thoughts of a nerdy feminist

stupid solicitors

Do they even count as service? I was actually thinking about telemarketers due to the previous post, but I suddenly remembered some door-to-door people that came by my house last week, right as Heroes was coming on. (Way to automatically get on my bad side.)

I opened the door and two women were standing their, with their backs to me, talking to each other in low voices. They didn't appear to have noticed I'd even opened the door, so I said, "Hello?" They explained they do something with lawns, and they wanted to put some sort of sign in my yard to advertise themselves. I immediately said 'no' and they started some sort of rebuttal. I repeated that I'm not interested.

So, they asked for my husband. (Anybody who has checked my user info may have noted what a major feminist I am as it is. This is a mistake on their part.) I suppose it probably wasn't that they assumed he must be the decision maker in our household (I frelling hope), but just that if I said no, maybe they'd have better luck trying my other family members. Which is SO not okay. If I say no, you do not get to go and just ask other people. Ugh. So, I told them that he isn't available, and that we're watching a show right now, and I shut the door in their faces.

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