The Omnipotent One (quackaquacka) wrote in bad_service,
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I don't really mind cold calls, marketing calls, whatever you want to call them, they don't bother me that much. Well, except for that one time I got called seventeen times in five hours by one company, but that was a one-off (thankfully. They weren't even calling for me, the person they wanted was away, and I told the very first caller that they wouldn't be home until two days later).

But today the phone rang and when I answered it, a recorded voice said 'this is a marketing call from American Life that has failed to connect. If you wish to speak to a representative, please dial..."

I didn't want to speak to a representative in the first place, they called me!

If you're going to call me, then at least have someone on the other end of the phone or who will pick the phone up after a few seconds (this has happened before...I presume because lots of people don't answer or it's automatic or whatever)!
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