kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

have it your way.

so last week I stopped by the Burger King near my job to pick up food for some of my co-workers. I decided to go inside so as not to hold up the drive-thru line. they weren't too busy.. maybe 2 or 3 people in line inside. I wait, go up to the counter, and politely say "sorry, but I've got 3 seperate orders".. now.. I can understand if this was difficult to manage if they were swamped, or if they were really complicated. but they weren't. they were 3 combo numbers, nothing special about them. I had to do them all seperate so as to get back the right amount of change to each of my co-workers (I've tried to combine their orders before and things got mixed up/confusing). so I state the above, and the fucking cashier BLANTANTLY rolls her eyes at me. I'm not talking about one of those quick 1 second eye rolls. I mean full on, eye lids shaking, "I can see the back of my skull" eye rolls. she sighs and then says in a completely unpleasant voice, "how can I help you?"

that's what cut the straw with that particular BK. they're ALWAYS fucking rude.. NEVER make the orders right.. I'm seriously never going there again. I later called the manager (would have spoken to them in store but I was on my lunch hour & didn't have much time) and told her about how rude the cashier was. she said that she had received a few complaints about the girl & she would talk to her. I doubt anything will be done about it. but hey.. it's YOUR job to ring up MY shit because I'm a paying customer. I was being very kind, didn't rush the cashier, and even apologized for having multiple orders!

have it my way? I think not.

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