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Truths exist in dreams. The world exists in me.

I'd like to get feedback

I posted this to customers_suck earlier, asking if anyone thought it was bad service. I'm putting this here for opinions. Thanks =]

Reiteration: food service, mostly pretzel-making; sometimes I sell yogurt on the other side of the store

Today's annoyance on the pretzel side: girl who threatens to kick my ass and says she can talk to me anyway she wants to.

A while back, a former co-workder had an issue with a customer. For some silly reason, the boss decided to charge 61¢ for a cup of water/ice after the confrontation. I don't know the details. Some of the employees give it away. If it is an emergency, or someone needs to take medication, we are *supposed* to give people water. Anyway...

Girl: Can I get a cup of water?
Me: Ok. It'll be 61¢
Girl: What? It's supposed to be free.
Me: No, a cup of water or ice is 61¢
Girl: Well, I always get it for free.
Me: Well whoever is doing that isn't supposed to be. They are supposed to charge you.
Girl: *mumbles* Alright...

She leaves. I assume she is going to get some change. A few minutes later she comes back, and stops halfway between the stores. I see her and give her my attentive face, thinking she is going to purchase the water.

Girl: If I pass out, I'm coming back to you. *leaves*

I just looked at her and shrugged it off. I found it rather amusing considering she was getting all huffy about the water when she knew the price.

It was kind of bugging me with how she was being so rude about it....and I was really hoping she'd come back so I could talk to her about it. Well, she did! She purchased a drink. As I was giving her change back...

Me: Please don't be so rude next time about this because it's beyond me.
Girl: This is America and I can speak to you anyway I want to speak to you *insert First Amendment spiel* and you have to serve me regardless *yadda yadda* *leaves*

Obviously, I was livid. However, when I had mentioned this to her, I wasn't rude in any way. I didn't give her an attitude both times she was rude to me. Also, I figured since she works in the same mall, she gets the same rude customers we have to deal with, and would completely understand how it feels to be treated like crap just because something in their store was overpriced. She works at a shoe store. She can't just give away items or discount them because she feels like it.

My manager overheard the conversation and told me I don't have to serve her if I didn't want to...just get someone else to do it..
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