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Worst type of Bad_Service

You... You...

I can't even form words to express how much I despise you.

That old man lying in there, working MAYBE at the level of someone mentally retarded? He was a fully healthy, vibrant man, especially for his age. He was astoundingly healthy.

Sure, it was believable that he had multiple strokes. He's quite old... only a matter of time and all. But it should not have taken that entire mess to get you to admit it's your fault. You're a hospital. I understand mistakes can be made. But it should not be that easy to give an old man the wrong medication for surgery. Medication that happened to induce multiple strokes and cause permanent brain damage.

Just... get out of my sight.

Clarification: This is about a friend of mine's dad. He's a very nice man, loved by everyone he met. His wife is a lawyer. I hope she gets their ass for this.
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