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Back history:For a long time, I didn't have my own stuff (computer,that is.) Then I was stuck with a WebTv for awhile. It was either using stuff at work, or at school, or at the library.
This guy opens up a Internet Cafe down the street. He has about zero people skills. Plus he doesn't know what he's doing.
Let me explain:
He has this insane pricing system, for starts. If you use exactly an hour, it's X amount of dollars. Run five minutes over an hour and you're overcharged so badly you might as well use a hour and a half. He changes it a lot, but the last time it pissed me off it was $6.50 an hour, but if it's a hour and one minute, then it's $7.00. And so on. Printouts are super-expensive, and print out in his office, so he can look at whatever you printed out.If the printer wastes paper and does two bad copies, too're paying for them. I had him flip it out and I used the other side. He leaves his li'l nephews in charge and they always overcharge people. They're too busy giggling at bad porn to help anybody burn a CD. He charges $5 to burn a cd, regardless of whether you bring your own cd or not.
He has fiber-optic lines (much faster than Cable/DSL), so I used to go there once in awhile to download (public domain) software and/or do things that required a lot of speed. He can't burn a cd without his nephew helping him. That's right, though he offers Cd burning services, he needs his nephew to help him, and also he offers cd repair service. Does he has a fancy-ass machine that a used cd store has? No!! He has a Disk-Doctor, that anybody can buy from Circuit City, and charges people $$ to use it. Charges a obscene amount for taking one lousy digital photo for web use. Sheesh. I could buy a throwaway camera, buy a photo cd, and still do it for cheap and have more pictures for less money. I didn't go around for awhile after he completely fucked up transferring files out of my 'net station into the one he burns cds in (only in his office), I spent two hours watching him suddenly try to learn how to use software he practically advertises he's already proficient in. I came back when I knew he had his wife working (she's not such a pain), and he said "Where have you been?" And I said "Well, I have my own stuff."
"Well , why are you here? I thought you had your own stuff?"
Don't argue with somebody who's spending money, it's mine to waste. So I've taken to going to Kinko's or the library if I want to use a T1 line for whatever reason, or their $600 photoshop. (And you buy a card, and fill it up, and when you're out of money, you're out of money. No li'l kids to say you used more time than you really did.) Even with home access, sometimes you crave the fastest thing available.
Maybe I'm out of line, but he's a dick, and I won't patronize his business anymore.

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