Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

Apparently, there is some big Nascar race this weekend at Lowes Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. I couldn't tell you which one as I despise Nascar, but I know there is one. Everything is decorated for it and the amount of people in the city has friggen tripled.

And I decided that I needed to pick up lettuce and milk today. At the Super WalMart. In Concord. Right next to all of the hotels. Not my brightest moment. I should have stayed home. (Well, except I needed the milk.)

I waited in line for a half an hour. Seriously. This isn't one of those instances where it just feels that long (because that's the way it usually works), it really was a half hour.


Because even though the place is flooded and it's one of their busiest weekends of the year, outside of Black Friday or anything else around Christmas, they only had 3 lanes open. Out of 25 lanes. I'm not entirely sure why.

Initially, I assumed that it might be because they had a hefty amount of call ins and were under staffed. Except the place was crawling with employees. I assumed that maybe the other lanes were out of service, but I was informed that they weren't. That and they started opening up the lines just as I was finally checking out.

So, I've got no idea.

I don't mind waiting when things come up. But I do mind waiting if there is no need to.
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