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Twofer: Disney Florists and Einstein's in Atlanta

First, Disney Florist. I paid more money than I should have for a gift basket for my husband and son as a surprise when they checked into the Caribbean Beach Resort, a hotel on Disney World property. The Disney florist - which has a contract with Disney World to deliver Disney crap to people in the Disney hotels- didn't deliver the gift basket yesterday. I called this morning because my guys were checking out, and the florist told me that they didn't deliver it because I didn't put a street address on the online order form. I put "Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World" and I put the city and zip, but even the Disney World website doesn't have the street address to the hotel. Besides, I figured a company that delivers crap to Disney property hotels would know a) where Walt Disney World is and b) the location of one of the dozen or so hotels are that are located on Disney World property. At a bare minimum, they should have called me last week when they gladly charged my credit card for the order, if the street address really was such a problem. I gave them my home and cell phone numbers. They also could have emailed me. They made no attempt to contact me. I've tried to get in touch with someone to straighten out my bill, but so far no luck. I was told that somebody would contact me this morning; it's already noon, and I'm still out about $100 for something that was never delivered.

I bought a smaller gift basket from them before and added a balloon, and they never delivered the balloon even though I was charged for it. I wasn't too bothered by that mistake, but complete non-delivery? Give me a break. The woman at Disney wasn't even apologetic. The last time I ordered from them I didn't put a street address on the form either - I just put the name of the Disney hotel and the zip code for the city.

This morning, I went to eat at Einstein's on Juniper in Atlanta, GA. I'd heard great things about it, but the waiter was horrible. In fairness, it's probably just the particular waiter from today, but the experience was so terrible I just asked for my food to go. I didn't realize their brunch entrees came with a side, so I said something like, "Oh wonderful! I haven't even considered yet!" Before I could open my mouth to tell the jerk what I was going to order, he said, "It's just a side, that's all. Just pick one." I looked up and he was rolling his eyes. I picked the fruit. He came back to check on the table in front of me, but he walked right past me and didn't say a word. I decided at that point that a snobby waiter wasn't going to ruin my day, so the next time he came by to check on the other table I asked for my food to go. This seemed to infuriate him. He acted like nobody had ever asked for a to-go box before. He never brought me utensils or a napkin, and once he brought me the box and the bill, he was nowhere to be found. So I had to dump my food into the to-go box without the aid of a spoon. It was pretty disgusting.

I get peeved when wait staff don't say "you're welcome" when I say "thank you," which he didn't do either, but this dude was too much. The food wasn't even that great. It was fine, and pretty good for the price, but definitely not worth the hassle of that waiter. I think his name was Quentin - if you want to avoid a similar experience, avoid that guy.

Edit:The woman I talked to this morning was from FTD's answering service and didn't work for the Disney florist. I got my money back this afternoon (yay!), the Disney florist folks were ridiculously nice and apologetic, and it turns out the castmember who accepted delivery at the resort failed to deliver the basked to my husband, and didn't notify the front desk of its arrival. So, the error wasn't on the part of the florist, it was on the part of the hotel. A word to the wise: the florist said she's been having a bunch of non-delivery problems at various Disney hotels, so if you're going to use the Disney florist, I recommend calling as soon as you can and checking up on the resort the day of delivery if you can.

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