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This happened to my place of work at the beginning of the year. I work at a pharmacy in Australia. It is a member of a small group in my state. Small as in 6 stores. At the end of every month, we send out a turnover order to all the companies we order script medications from. This order should cover what we dispense for the month.

This bad services concerns Sanofi-Aventis...

One of our other stores recently changed management. They're still part of the group and everything, just changed hands. They called all the companies they order from to let them know this (why, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe just changing the contact details on the account?) Sanofi says "fine, thanks for letting us know" and promptly deletes MyLocation's account. I have no idea why they did this, seeing as 1) the OtherLocation still wanted to order from them and b) the two store's names aren't similar, other than that they both end in "en"

So at the end of December, we placed our turnover order with Sanofi. It was a little later than usual, what with the holidays and places being closed, etc. We placed it on January 2nd, via the internet.

A few days later, after all the other companies' orders have arrived at the store, we're a bit concerned that the Sanofi order hasn't yet arrived... We're running out of many very popular drugs and are a bit peeved off. The pharmacist calls Sanofi to ask them what the deal is. "Oh," they say "Your account was deleted."

Fuck, we say. Now, this is pretty shitty service in and of itself, because, didn't they notice our order come through? Didn't they notice an order for a deleted account and think "you know, we should probably let them know, in case they/we have made a mistake"?

We ask them to undelete our account and re-send the order and ask them to please hurry up and get it to us.

Several more days pass. Still no order.

Grumpily, we call Sanofi again to ask wtf. "Oh," they say "the order has been packed and ready to go at the warehouse, but we're waiting on a payment on a previous order before we send it to you." Oh, fair enough, we think, and direct the problem to our head office, which handles these payments.

Head office says "Hell no, we already paid that!"
"Oh," Sanofi says "we applied that payment to another account, sorry lol!"

By now we are totally ticked off. Our order, which we correctly placed at the beginning of the month, is now over a week late. Customers are pissed off at US because we don't have their medications. We're recording all the sales we've lost due to Sanofi's cock up, and are planning on billing them for these lost sales, plus the time the pharmacist spent sorting the whole mess out.

Eventually, the order actually arrives. I don't know if we ever recovered any money off them.

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