Elisa (colorature) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Hair Cut

The other bad hair cut story reminded me of this one which happened probably around 6 years ago. I wanted to get my hair cut and blown straight with it flipped under at the bottom. Not too difficult, right? Well first of all, the way the hairdresser measured how much she was going to cut was by pressing her chin down on the top of my head and pulling my hair as straight as it would go. I kept saying that it hurt and asked her to do it lighter, but she didn't.

The haircut ended up being about 2 inches shorter than I wanted it, but whatever. I asked her if she could do a "pageboy" style flip and she said "Oh, but you would look so much better with a regular flip!" I declined, and asked her to do the one I wanted. She then said "Okay well let's just try it like this first to see how it looks and if you don't like it I can change it back." I decided to humor her and agreed.

After my hair was flipped, she started spraying it all over, heavily, with hairspray. Then she asked how I liked it. I said "I don't really like it, can you please flip it under?" And she said "No, sorry, I already sprayed it."

Then she turned to my mom and said "See, just like she wanted!"

I wanted to smack her.

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