Ava (xavaxadorex) wrote in bad_service,

I am a firm believer in that any person holding a job (excepting bordello operators, for the sole reason of I am not one who really likes competition) is deserving of the same amount of respect I would like them to give me. So I never, ever give fast food employees lip. That is bad. Besides, they could spit in my food, and I really like fast food, so I don't want that.

But come on. This was really aggravating:

Was in car with a few friends and we are in the Wendy's drive-through which is moving so slowly I could have read a book while waiting. But we're all in good spirits, and since two of us are ordering and we're both in the backseat, we have the driver give our orders. I knew exactly what I wanted (Classic single with cheese and a large coke) but the other orderer was one of those people who has to turn it into a bloody production. But she picked what she wanted quickly and we relayed our orders to the driver, who says, after a mumbled greeting, the first part of the order (A spicy chicken sandwich) and then says 'A class-' before the employee says 'Whatdoyousanlkfsd...' We can't hear a THING of what he is saying, and finally we have to lean in to understand he was cutting her off to ask what she wanted to drink with it. She says Dr. Pepper. Then she says 'Classic single with cheese' and as she is trying to say 'With a large coke' he cuts her off AGAIN and says 'Your total is $7.07, pull up.'

ARGH! And I wanted that coke too. So driver calls to the speaker, 'We want a large coke!' But no response. We try this once or twice, then pull up, and driver says 'We want a large coke, did you catch that?' and he says 'You didn't say that.' Erica says 'But I tried, and you ended the order.'

'You said you were done!'
'No, I didn't.' Trust me, she did not.
'Fine! Whatever! Damn!' He added a large coke to the order with much sighing and glaring, and when we pulled up the next window, we were handed our food, a Dr. Pepper, and a small sprite.


I think he did it to spite us.

I eventually got my large coke.

Grr. If had not been so bloody tired, would have complained.

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