lozbabie (lozbabie) wrote in bad_service,

Teribble service from my own work!

I was involved with this, but NOT with the bad service. It was all branch bitch who provided bad service.

Bit of background first. I work with a windscreen replacement company. Windscreens take one hour for the glazier to put in and one hour to dry. So two hours the car will be off the road.

Cust is put through by insurance company. What often happens here, despite me introducing myself as "Lozzababy from Company" the customer dosen't realise they're no longer with the insurance company. I have all his details and we go to talk to the branch to organise time. Now he lives in the same suburb as the branch, but as he is a lawn mower guy he travels all day and can't be in one spot for two hours that would be required for the job to be finished. Fair enough.

Go through to the branch and get one of the newer women there. The customer has told me (which I relay to BB) that there's no huge rush, he dosen't need it done today and is happy to wait. Ask BB when the time is avaliable. She tells him she can do it immeaditly. Customer explains his business and he can't be in one spot for two hours as he'll lose money. I repeat again to BB that customer dosen't need this done urgently and can wait. She keeps pushing today (I'm suspecting by this point that they are light on jobs and have a spare glazier around) I ask customer what time he finishes and when he says around three, BB comes straight back with "the boys finish at four"

By this point I'm having to take deep breaths as she's REALLY pissing me off. I can't imange how annoyed the customer must be. Its even MORE frustrating as doing a job between three and five is extreemly common and the guys will only be there for an hour anyways so they WILL be finished by four. She forces the customer into the time frame she wants and we get off the call. The FIRST thing the customer says to me is "Is it just me or was she a real bitch?" I have no answer to that, as she was flat out rude to both myself and the customer. I agree with the customer she wasn't helpful and he asks if there's anyone else we use (obviously not having registered I'm with second company, not insurance company) Explain to him that I am 'second company' and that we don't use anyone else. After a bit more bitching from him (not nasty and defenitly justified) I offer to call the branch back and try and get someone else and see what I can do.

Do a quick confrence call get one of the boys, ask for the three to five timeslot and get immeadite confirmation! I let the customer know we can do the timeslot he wants (which is basic customer service ANYWAYS. If we can provide something the customer wants, we damn well should) Customer asks me what's going to be done about branch bitch. Tell him I'd already planned to go to my superivior about the call and have her spoken to, even if he'd said nothing to me about it.

Came to work today with an email from the branch manager apologising about the call, apparently is 'being retrained in correct call handeling and customer service" Thankfully, he also called the customer and apologised. I'm just horrified that anyone could think that was appropriate to force a paying customer into something he is cleary telling you he dosen't want.

[i]edited to make sense[/i]

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