Krystle (my_skittles_) wrote in bad_service,

bad automated phone service.

So I ordered some checks a few months ago. I was going to order them online but the website said that if any of your information has changed, to do it at the bank. So I went to the bank and watched the girl fill out the form with my new address. Now I got these checks in october. I had found some checks that I still had before they arrived, so I figured I wouldn't open them until I needed them. So I opened them a few days ago and discovered they still had my old address. Now it says on the box that the company is only liable for printing errors. So I figured that I would call them and see if they could be replaced. It doesn't matter either way because I know that I should have done it soon, but it's worth the effort. So I call the number. I get one of those lovely computer ladies that you have to speak to. Now they are annoying, but the room was quiet so I wasn't having any problems. I give her/it my information and she repeats it back to me for confirmation. It then tells me that it cannot help me and I need to contact my financial institution and hangs up. Now I didn't specify why I was calling and there are no options to talk to a person that I can find. There is a separate menu that you can get into if you are having technical problems, but it still isn't a real person. So I'm thinking wtf? Why have a phone number that people can call "24 hours a day, 7 days a week" if the automated response just hangs up on you without letting you talk to a real person?

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