quietly she murmured (_murmur) wrote in bad_service,
quietly she murmured

My husband and I after having a long tiring day and having not eaten hardly anything all day we happily sat down at our dinner table at Red Lobster and order our drinks and appetizers. We pretty quickly receive our drinks and appetizer. We then order a salad and our meals, again we quite promptly receive our salad. It was all down hill from there though.

Time tick tocked on by, each minute felt longer and longer. I was thinking that it only seemed like a long time because we were so famished (the salad and appetizer far from wetted our appetite). You know how slow time can seem when you just want to eat. But when I look at my watch I see that 30 minutes has gone by since we had finished our salad. Now 30 minutes isn't that long, but the place really wasn't that busy so it was getting close to being too long to wait for our food.

Our waitress comes by and says it should be out soon, that sometimes steak and such take about 30 minutes too cook. We just shrug the whole situation off until 20 more minutes later we still had not received our main course. The whole time while we were waiting I would notice, to my shock and anger, the kitchen staff coming out quite often to go see part of one of the many ACC games on the TV at the bar and pretty much being rowdy.

Finally, after an hour of waiting for our food we received it but we were so pissed off we asked for our food to go and quickly stormed out mad. When I got home to eat the food I took a few bites out my steak, or should I say I tried to take a bite out of my steak, only to feel like I was chewing on rubber. I ended up throwing a $13 meal away because it was so edible.

Something good did end up coming out of it. I wrote an e-mail to Red Lobster about my displeasure with my experience with them and promptly received in the mail a letter from them. The letter was personalized to the situation (not some default letter they mail out to ever complaint) and included $30 worth of gift certificates.

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