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This is actually bad service from two different places! Back late last year I commissioned a cosplay costume from a company in America, paid $400 for it, and gave them my address etc. for it to be shipped once it was complete. Just after Christmas, I moved house. I emailed them and let them know I'd got a new address, and they replied saying that was fine, so I thought nothing of it. I knew this commission was going to take a while because it was complicated and they were very busy - this was fine, but it meant I didn't do any chasing.

Fast forward to March, I brought something from Ebay and accidentally had it shipped to my old address. This wasn't too much of a problem because I only moved to the next village, but as soon as I realised, I called Parcel Force to get it redelivered to my new address (as there was no one living at the old house therefore it wouldn't have been picked up). I speak to someone, and they tell me that they have nothing there for me from the UK, but that they have a package from America that has customs charges on it - also to my old address. It had arrived the week before. I'd received NO notification that it had been shipped, and they had completely disregarded me giving them my new address. This was a $400 package that could have gone astray. Suckage from the costume company. If I hadn't happened to be an idiot and got something else delivered there by accident, I never would have known.

I got on the case quickly and had a letter sent to me at my new address with details of the customs charge, and paid it over the Internet, then specified a delivery date and new address. I called Parcel Force the next morning to check it had gone through okay, the charge had gone through fine but they had no details of the new delievery details. Fine, I give them the details, get a date, give them my new address and leave it at that.

The morning of the delivery came. I had to go to work, but my mum was going to be in all morning. I called her at 11 to make sure it had been delivered. It hadn't. I called Parcel Force and they told me they had tried to deliver it to my house but no one had been in so they had left it at #20, where it had been signed for. This struck me as odd, because my house number is #24, and so it would be odd for the guy to walk four houses down the road to leave it there. My OLD house however, was #19, so it WOULD make sense for them to have left it at #20 on that road. I gave them the benefit of the doubt though, and called my mum again. She'd definitely been in all morning, no one had been, and she found it odd as well. So, I called Parcel Force again and got on to a different person.

Me: Hello, I'm trying to trace a package that was delivered for me this morning. *gives details*
Guy: Oh, they tried to deliver it but no one was in so they left it at #20.
Me: I know that. But I find it odd that they delivered it there when I live at #24.
Guy: They sent it there because no one was in.
Me: But someone was in all morning, and besides, the delivery guy would have passed four other houses to give it to #20. Is it possible they delivered it to 20 [old street]?
Guy: Why would they have? It was never delivered in the first place.
Me: *argh* When I first called up I GAVE them that address to get my details up, they had no idea of my most recent address then.
Guy: All I have down is 24 [new street].
Me: But the address on the package was 19 [old street].
Guy: ... I don't understand what you're saying.
Me: The notes on the package say it was left at #20, right? The delivery guy wouldn't have left it at 20 [new street] because that's four houses along from me. He would have left it at 20 [old street] because that house is next door. Who signed for it?
Guy: *says name*
Me: That isn't the name of the person who lives at 20 [new street].
Guy: .... Oh. Well, I don't understand what's happened then.
Me: I do. It -
Guy: Let me talk to the delivery driver and get back to you.

I had to go back into work at that point, but half an hour later I checked my phone and had received a very annoyed sounding message from the guy telling me that it had indeed been delivered to 20 [old street]. To now cut the story short now, I went over there and got hold of the package. It still had the old address printed on it, so what they had done was put my new address on their system, but NOT ON THE PARCEL. You'd have thought such a big company would be better at these things really wouldn't you? And have slightly more intelligent people on their phones.


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