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Food for thought ..

haha, maybe that could be a pun!

anyways, I've just been reading back some entries and saw the one about the person who complained about McD's and such...the issue seemed to most revolve around her checking her order.

In the first place, always an argument from workers is to "find another place"--I mean, if I have one McD's in my neighborhood, for example, why should I have to go out of my way for another just because my McD's screws up...that's beside the point though.

My issue is this. I seem to always live in neighborhoods that have the poorest service possible. So whether in the store or at the drive-thru, I'll check my order. That seems to be the advice given anyway.

But when one does that, the worker seems to get so offended! They just look at you evily for the fact that you think they could possibly have messed up your order lol.

I don't know. I'm not gonna walk out and walk in, yanno?

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