est. 1986 (deb4uchery) wrote in bad_service,
est. 1986

Ok, so the other night I parked in one of those 24 car park buildings in the city. Yet silly me didn’t realise it WASN’T 24 hour and closed at midnight (said the tiny, tiny writing on the boom gate thingy)

Long story short, I came back at 12:45am to find it all closed up. There is a number scrawled underneath the name of the building for after hours service. The following happened.

PG: Phone Guy.


PG: Yes?

Me: ah, hi. My car has been locked inside the (whatever street it was) building, I didn’t realise it wasn’t a 24 hour service.

PG: Ok, it will cost you $50 to get it out. (the flat rate, if i got it out before midnight, was $8)

Me: Whoa. Ok.

PG: You want your car out or not? You can leave it there and come back and get it tomorrow otherwise. You will then be charged the rate for overnight parking.

Me: Could I please get somebody to come down and get it out? I’ll pay the $50.

PG: OK, fine. Bye.

And he hung up.

 So, thinking nothing of it I waited..and waited…aaaand waited. 20 minutes had gone by and I thought I had better ring up to check to see what was happening, I was freezing my ass off and also falling asleep.

 PG: Yes?

Me: Hi, I rung up roughly 20 minutes ago because my car had been lo..

PG: Yes, you did not complete the transaction.

Me: I’m sorry?

PG: You never gave me your name, number and if you would pay the money.

Me: Er, I did. I said I would pay the money. You never asked me for my name or my number, you simply hung up on me.
PG: No that is not correct.

Me: Yes, that is correct. I’m fairly certain you would record these conversations, if that’s the case I would suggest going back over the previous conversation before accusing me of such things.Has anybody been notified about this? Or will I have to continue waiting?

PG: No one has been called, you never agreed to pay and didn’t give me your name and number.

Me: I DID agree to pay, you obviously have not been listening. My name is *blah blah* and my number is 7583678. How much longer am I expected to wait?

PG: Bye.

And once again, he hung up.


10 minutes later his supervisor rocked up, I still had to pay the $50, but he gave me a free pass to use anytime. So, good turned bad I guess.

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