Willow (muppetfromhell) wrote in bad_service,

My *bills* always make it here

I'm just not going to get mailed anything ever again.

Dear Post Office,

When I filed my taxes (early march, I might add), I paid for return receipt for the peace of mind. Sitting on my dresser right now are 3 green slips which prove I filed my taxes. But proving I filed my taxes is not the point.

The point is that if THOSE three slips made it back here, WHY THE HELL did you return all my refund checks to the IRS as "undeliverable/bad address?" -- and I checked, all three agencies had the correct address... so...


In addition - hey Pennsylvania tax bureau. If you got my refund check back "bad address," why do you have to do a stop payment (that could take up to 60 days) before you send it back out? If you GOT IT BACK, then you HAVE IT, and don't need to do a stop payment.

No Love,

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