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Bad service from home warranty & ac company

So, I have a home buyers protection plan.  Basically it's a sort of insurance where you pay a low rate for most repairs that a house could need and one premium a year.  One of these last year was service on two air conditioners (I own a couple of duplexes).

I believe it started in Sep-Oct , although now it's so long ago I forget what the deal is.  I had a 6 week period where 2 air conditioners failed.  Both times the home warranty company dispatched a company that 1) didn't do the job correctly, 2) didn't do it in any reasonable time, 3) didn't provide a repair that lasted over 45 days.

House 1 they (man and a woman) sent off for some parts and rigged the system so it would work until the mfg got said part to them.  I didn't think too much of it as at least the tenant was not sweating his balls off.

House 2 they (same couple) came out, looked at the thing., and told me to tell my tenants they would be back in about 4 days time after the home warranty company had approved the repair they wanted to do.  I asked if either of them knew the word for "warranty" in Spanish as the tenant's son was there and really did not speak much English, the woman asked me if I wanted her to talk to my tenant's son and I thought "sure, I can't speak past about a 3rd grade level in Spanish, I'll probably end up saying 'in the past the air was cold and bright, tomorrow comes again, tomatoes'"

She went to my tenant's son and said in a very loud and nasal voice "THE AIR CONDITIONER IS BROKEN... YOU CANNOT USE... NO USE... COMPREDE?  BROKE AIR... IT IS BROKE..."  you get the point... I go a bit red with embarassment, the son looks nods and smiles and I know he was getting a kick out of the redneck woman trying LOUD ENGLISH as a substitute for Spanish... she walks out, I say "pardon... ella es... estupido" he laughs, in broken Spanish I manage to say something to the effect of "cold broke, 3 or 4 days they come again, sorry for the crazy woman who thinks yelling = Spanish"

I decided not to call the home warranty company at this time about them... I also decide I am not going to let them deal with my tenants anymore.

They come, the replace the entire unit 4 days later, for some reason it's 54 degrees outside at this point... I don't really remember what the deal was but it was damn cold, we couldn't test the unit, no biggie I thought.

It now enters week 3, the temp has normalized, and it's hot again... still no part for House 1, and the AC unit  stops working in house 2.  I call up the home warranty company and tell them what the deal is and they tell me that for house 2 they are sending a different air conditioner company out, that they are not dealing with that first company, but because the first company was already paid they were going to complete the job on House 1.... I ask why are they not completing the job on House 2 since, well, it's been like 1 week... I am told that's how it's done.

Another company comes out, looks at the job they did, puts a hard start kit on house 2, the air conditioner now starts without blowing a fuse, I think life is probably better now.  New AC company tells me some gossip about old AC company / why they no longer work for home warranty company... juicy stuff, scares me about the undone house.

at a month out I call the warranty company because house 1 still not fixed
5 weeks i call same deal
5.5 weeks I call and demand some answers... the woman at the warranty company says hold on a second, she's going to call the ac company and find out what the deal is... she puts me on hold.
my other phone rings.
it's the home warranty company demanding to know why I have not gotten my air conditioner fixed.
I mention to them that I am the client, not the AC company... it takes 5 tries to get them to understand they are calling me, not the AC company.
6 weeks no sign
about 8 weeks in the original AC company calls me and says they're coming over to fix the issue as the part finally came in... there was some issue with the mfg sending the wrong part / having to create a new one / probably BS, I don't know... they come out, or at least they tell me they do, they charge the unit up...
guess what, it's cold now.  No testing of the AC.

winter comes, winter goes,
last week comes and it's 86 degrees

House 2's unit only works for 15 minutes
House 1's unit is a block of ice

I call up home warranty company quite annoyed.  I escalate a couple of times before running into the person who thought that saying my name over and over again would somehow calm me down... actually it just annoyed me over and over and over... "mr king that's a problem I know mr king but mr king you have to look at the contract which states that..."

The short of it is, that although they apologized for leaving me with a company that held my AC hostage for 2 months until it was winter and the unit could not be tested and the thing has only been on for 7 days, well, that's not to their contract... and since I didn't somehow make it magically in the high 60's outside near the AC unit and test it during the winter, not their problem for a repair that couldn't be tested...

And I am also to take solace that now they have a procedure in place whereby if they fire a company and they jerk me around like they jerked me around for 2 months claiming part problems etc, that something can be done about it.  Meanwhile to get the problem fixed I'm out my service fee yet again, on two houses, that I already paid for repairs for last year.

Oh yeah, the company they dispatched this time to look at house 2 required me to purchase their cleaning, which was not covered under the warranty, as that was the first thing they needed to eliminate... so not only am I out the service fee, I'm out an additional $69 bucks for the dude to take my garden hose (which I had to run home to get) and a pump full of boric acid or something and make my clean and barely used unit slightly cleaner.  Oh yeah, cleaning it didn't help a bit... looks like it's a line the first company didn't bother to put in correctly which will have to be completely re-done causing the tenants to be without AC for at least this week.

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