This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

my bad service this weekend

So my boyfriend and I were cooking to death on Saturday and thought it would be kind of fun to get one of those dough boy pools for the backyard since we don't have a lot of space back there. We didn't really know where to look for one so we though well a Wal-Mart must have one so we cruised over there to take a peek. When we got there we quickly found where they sell their pool covers and filters but only saw small inflatable pools in that area so we flagged down an employee to ask where they kept the larger pools. When he finally looked at us we asked if they had any more pools then the ones that were out and got a very curt "no. If you want a pool go to Gordo's" (a local kinda pricey more for large pools kind of place). A little stunned at his answer we started to leave when my boyfriend saw a toy on the end cap he wanted to get for his son right above that toy display was a bord displaying all the different pools they had in stock and would grab for you on request, including the one we thought would have been perfect for the back yard. Come on just because you didn't want to run back and get the pool doesn't mean you have to be a jerk.
And a little strange:
That night we stop by a Mexican Restaurant where I usually really enjoy eating. As we were walking through the front door we noticed there was a notice of new ownership sign in the door (this is where the bizarre starts). We get up to the hostess stand and are met with a guy running around like a crazy person. He takes our name and asks what time it is my boyfriend said it's 6:45 but the guy said I'm going to put down 6:46 because that's what the computer shows and if you're not seated in 5 minutes heads will roll. Um ok then. So after literally 2 minutes pass he asks if we want to sit at the bar, we said that's fine so he shows us to our table there and introduced himself as the new owner and told us someone will be with us in a minute and he'll return at the end of our meal. Our waitress follows shortly bringing us chips and salsa takes our drink orders and returns promptly to take our order, trouble is that she only gave us about a minute to look at the menu so we weren't ready so she said she would be right back. That's where the prompt service stopped so we waited for her to come back. We waited long enough to finish the chips, our drink, and wait another 25 minutes. As were were about to put a 5 on the table and head out the waitress came to our table and asked if we were planning on a dine and dash. I didn't know you could call it that when all you've had were chips and were going to leave some cash but dumbly we said no and ordered and received the worst food I think I've come across. If the Donner party had been offered our dinner I think they still would have eaten each other. We ate a little got our check and were about to go when the crazy owner returned to ask how our food was we said it was ok but not the best we've had. At his point he got scary pissed off looking. I think it's going to be a looong while before we go back.
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