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Old Navy - not a huge suck, but annoying nonetheless...

I live in a tiny town in PA that's a 45-minute drive one way to the nearest city (and the nearest mall), so, understandably, I don't get there as often as I'd like.  Anyway, with that said...

On Tuesday, I was at the mall, shopping in Old Navy.  I'd received a coupon for 20% off (as a result of having an Old Navy card) in the mail, so I was excited about the discount and picked out 8 things to buy.  I went up to the register with my clothes and realized that I'd left the coupon at home (this was entirely my fault, I know).  I asked the guy if he could give me the discount anyway, because there were tons of promotional ads talking about it and I'd be using my Old Navy card, but he said he had to have the actual coupon.  Well, drat.  The next day I could get back to the mall was yesterday (Saturday), so I asked if he could hold those things for me and I would come back with the coupon and get them then.  He said that was fine, no problem, and took down my name, a contact number, and wrote on the sheet attached to the clothes that I'd pick them up on Saturday.

Yesterday, I went back into Old Navy with my coupon in hand to retrieve my items on hold.  I waited in line at the register and then asked the girl behind the counter to retrieve them.  She goes to find them...and comes back saying that "We only hold things for 24 hours, so..."  Silence.  I go, "So they were put back?"  and she says yes.  I'm very annoyed by this, seeing as how there are now hundreds of people milling about the very picked-over store, and if I'd have known they were going to be put back, I'd have bought them on Tuesday without the 20% off.  (Believe me, if he'd told me that, I would have accepted my fate and just bought them...but he told me he'd hold them with no problem, so I wasn't going to pass up 20% off if I didn't have to.)  I tell her the guy at the register (though, stupidly, I didn't remember his name) told me they'd hold them until Saturday and explained my situation - hoping that maybe he would be reprimanded or at least told the rules so he didn't misinform customers!  Of course, she looked at me blankly until I shuffled off to try to find the stuff they'd put back.

When I took what I was able to find back up to the register and was checked out by a different girl (who looked to be the manager) I told her the situation with the same intent as with the first girl, even adding that if I'd known I would have bought them on Tuesday, and she's like "Aw...that sucks.  Too bad."  ... Ooookay.

*sigh* I was just disappointed...mainly because half of the cute tees and lounge pants I'd found on Tuesday were gone or out of my size by then.  Errr.

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