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Bad Dental Service (from the past) and Bad Phone Service

The last time I saw a dentist was in 2004 (when I last had dental insurance). Our insurance specified that we could only see dentists from one particular company, Coast Dental. At my last checkup and cleaning, they announced that I had three cavities that needed filling right away. Ok, no problem, I'd just get them all done at one go, seeing as how the insurance paid for fillings in full. So I go to the desk to schedule them, and I'm told that I'll owe the practice $120 PER TOOTH for the fillings. "Excuse me," I say, "but my insurance covers that." I was told that well, my insurance only covers amalgam fillings, and "we don't do that kind of filling". I canceled the appointment.

That same visit, I had asked about getting new crowns on my front teeth, to replace some that were placed when I was 8 years old (I'm in my 40's). They quoted me $1,800.00 per tooth - AFTER insurance (which was supposed to pay 50% of the cost.)

I called my HR person, complained about the obvious fraud going on, and never went back. Soon after that, I left my job (due to a surprise baby), and being without dental insurance, just kind of let it go.

Fast-forward to this year. I've been having an intermittent toothache. Aw, hell, I thought - guess that cavity is pretty bad. So I made an appointment (this time, getting a referral from my children's excellent dentist) and went in for a checkup. Guess what? No cavities. At all. When I mentioned the other office's assertion that I had three which needed immediate attention three years ago, he snorted and said, "I don't know where they'd be."

His estimate for replacing the front crowns? $1,900.00. To do both teeth.

::is happy to have a competent dentist::

Infuriating service from Verizon (with a good ending)

Over the last few years, money was tight, and our various bills were paid somewhat irregularly. This year, our finances improved, and I started getting us caught up. I paid everything up in February, and hadn't (I thought) been late with any payments since. So imagine my surprise when I get a phone bill that shows us a month behind. I went to the website and checked my payment history, and it didn't look as though I should be behind. So I called.

The first charming phone rep interrupted me constantly (I don't think she let me finish an entire sentence the whole time I was on the phone with her), rudely saying, "Well, you paid late all last year, that's WHY". Yes, I did. And I caught up in February, and haven't been late since. She continued to insist that it was because MY PAYMENTS WERE LATE, talking over my explanations. I tried to explain to her that I could see the list of payments on line, but she interrupted me again and said, "Well, I can't see the online stuff here. I'll transfer you." Her tone this whole time was incredibly rude (and very condescending - it was clear that she thought I was TOO STUPID to figure out my bill.)

The man who answered the phone after the transfer asked for my login name. Couldn't find it. Email address. Couldn't find it. Account number? And then he gets dead silent and says, "I'm sorry, but did you realize she transferred you out of the company? Yes, folks, she just randomly sent me to an online bill-paying service that was NOT part of the phone company I called.

So I hang up, and call back. Apologized to the woman who answered the second time, explaining that if I was a bit snippy with her, it was because of the previous operator I'd spoken with. This woman was polite, helpful, and took no time at all to clearly explain what had happened (billing cycle versus account postings) and verify that I was caught up. She was exceedingly helpful, unlike the bitch I spoke with first. If she had simply let me finish my sentences, she'd have been able to explain the issue and have me off the line in less than three minutes.
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