_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

This is a pretty random bad_service story. I am not sure that it counts as bad_service because we are not customers of AAA.

The other day, my grandpa was driving his motorhome down I-80 to the Watt ave exit. Just fyi the Watt exit is a pretty sharp turn to be taking in a motorhome.

Up ahead, my grandpa saw a AAA truck and a car off the side of the road. There was the AAA guy and a woman. Both had their hazard lights on. AAA guy and woman are standing somewhat close to the road. Grandpa notices this and makes a point to get as far away from them as possible. What happened next was just bizzare.

Grandpa drives about a mile off the freeway to a gas station. Guess who is there when he gets out of the motorhome? The AAA guy. AAA guy begins screaming at my grandpa about, "Oh my god you almost killed me! What the fuck is your problem?" He cusses my grandpa out, saying that my grandpa almost hit the AAA guy. He says that my grandpa was so close to him that he thought he was going to get hit. After fives minutes of non stop yelling at my grandpa he says, "I could feel it graze my shirt!" So, five minutes into it he's decided that he actually did get grazed. BY A MOTORHOME PULLING A SMALL CAR. He keeps screaming and cussing. "DIDN'T YOU SEE ME?" My grandpa says, "Yeah, I saw you, that is why I got as far away as I could. If you thought I was that close, why didn't you go on the other side of your truck?"

The guy starts talking about how important he is, and his job. He goes into a speech about how he gets calls from people "IN CRISIS". They call him and need his help. They call him in crisis and he rushes out and saves their lives. Wtf, dude. You work for AAA. He just keeps talking about how important he is.

My grandpa basically gave up and told the guy he was crazy and left.

Half an hour later, my grandpa was pulled over on Auburn road. Apparently AAA guy called the police and said that my grandpa tried to run him off the road, and that he almost died. After my grandpa explained what really happened, the cop let him go.

I guess my question is - Should we let AAA know what happened with this guy or not? He's clearly crazy. I guess the woman he was helping wasn't in that big of a crisis if he was able to jump in his truck and follow my grandpa. :S

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