lorelei633 (lorelei633) wrote in bad_service,

horrible service from Direct TV

So, my mother decides, after having had cable pretty much forever, to have it taken out and give Direct TV a try.

She calls them up, makes the appointment, and the installation guy comes out. Installation guy says there's a tree in the way and it has to come down. He leaves. Stepfather cuts down the tree. Another appointment is made for the installation. Installation guy #2 is supposed to be there at 4pm. He shows up at 9pm. When my mother, understandably pissed and halfway ready for bed, answers the door, he tells her "Look at all those trees! You don't have a signal!" Mom tells him to leave and shuts the door.

She calls Direct TV's customer service back again and complains about the guy's lateness and attitude. Another appointment is made. The same guy shows up again and does the installation. He leaves. Mom goes outside and finds that the cable is lying on top of the ground, stretching from the house across the entire back yard.

She calls customer service again. They put her on hold, apparently calling the installation guy. The customer service rep comes back and tells Mom that the guy said my mother told him SHE was going to bury it. Yes, my mother, nearly sixty years old and suffering from kidney disease, is going to go out there with a shovel and bury forty yards of cable. Right.

Here's what really burns me up. Not only was the guy a lazy asshat, but he flat-out lied on my mother when Direct TV asked him why he didn't bury the cable. And that's not all. He then took it upon himself to call my mother and confront her for complaining about him! Yes, this man, who does not even work for Direct TV, but is a subcontractor, actually had the nerve to phone up my mother and ask her why she complained about him. I mean, you've gotta be kidding me. I've never even heard of someone doing that!

The story goes on. Direct TV tells my mother it'll cost her $150 for them to bury the cable. As opposed to what? Letting it lie there and be what the customer service rep admitted was "a hazard"? Mom wasn't happy, since that hardly sounds like the "free" installation she was promised, and she'd certainly never been told up front about any additional fees, but she was willing to pay it just to get the damn thing buried. She was told a supervisor would call her and arrange to come out and look at the cable and see what the situation was.

Supervisor never calls. Mom tells Direct TV to come get their stuff out of her house. More inconvenience and attitude ensue. Now she has cable again.


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