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Bad service from Chase

So, I overdrafted some time on Saturday. My fault entirely, I know, but we were without internet until Monday and I had no real way of checking anything aside from actually going out and doing so at an ATM or the bank or my parents' house. Anyway.

I overdrafted a couple of times, actually. When I found out after we had internet again, I was pretty upset, and mad at myself for fuzzy math. I called up the customer service line (and had a hell of a time figuring out how to talk to a real person, let me tell you), and I asked about their overdraft policies. I was assured that what happens is that after five business days of your account being overdrawn there was a $25 fee per overdraft per day, but that since I was getting paid Friday as long as I got my check in on time it wouldn't be a problem at all. I even asked if the lady was sure a few times, but she cheerfully assured me I'd be just fine, no fees.

So, today I go to put my check in, and OMGWTF I've got $128 in fees. Apparently there's no grace period, and it's $32 per business day you're overdrawn, as far as I can tell.

$128 is a lot of money, and I'm pretty upset about that, but I was ready to pay for it back Monday. What I'm REALLY upset about is being lied to. It's her job to know the policies and stuff, and especially if she doesn't know to not just make shit up. She swore up and down that was the case, though.

I'd complain, but I didn't get her name, and I only know the approximate time I called (it was around 4:00 pm on Tuesday).

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