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A witnessed customers_suck and bad_service all in one! Whoo!

So I went to McNasty awhile ago right before they were closing. I ordered my food and was standing around waiting when a very angry Non English Speaking Man (I don't want to guess the nationality, but I think he was an Indian or a Middle Eastern of some sort) comes in. He's talking quickly and with his voice raised about something. If he was talking to me, I wouldn't have had a clue what he was saying. The employee figured out he wanted straws.

Me: Hi
The Middle Easter man and the McDonald's employee with henceforth be called Drew and Tony, respectively. Italics are thoughts.

Tony: You didn't get any straws? Okay, just a second and I'll grab you some.
Drew: I was in the drive thru and I didn't get any straws, why didn't I get straws? I'm suppose to get straws! I drove home and didn't get any straws and had to drive back. It took me half an hour!
Me: The hell it did, you raving lunatic.

I sometimes say something when a customer is being a total asshole to an employee, but I was getting a bad vibe from Tony. His words were nice enough, but it was the tone and body language that put me off him. I decided I didn't really want to stick up for someone that I found rude.

Drew: How am I suppose to drink without straws?!
Me: By taking off the lid and drinking out of it like any other cup...?
Tony: I'm sorry, but I wasn't on drive thru, here's some straws.
Tony: Well, it's not my fucking problem, asshole!
Me: *jawdrop*
Tony: *swears some more at the guy*
Drew: *leaves*
Me: *jawdrop*

After he left, the two guys who were up front were telling everyone else about the crazy man and painting themselves as heroes because they really told him. Sure, that guy was a nut job, but that's no reason to swear at him! Your customer service skills make baby Jesus cry.

The thing that made it even worse, was the man who I think was the manager was in earshot the entire time and did nothing. I truly hope that it was one of the cases when you apprehend later in private. But still. Shitty all around.

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