Diana (diana_molloy) wrote in bad_service,

Due to certain issues I can no longer visit my boyfriend at his house (for reference I live in London and he lives in Essex) and to be fair so he's not the one always travelling to my house (we both live at home) we've taken to staying in hotels. The cheap and cheerful big chain ones where you get a clean room and that's it type of thing.

My first experience was at a Premier Travel Inn (the purpley lolgo ones) and jaysus was i dissapointed. For one thing the tour you see on the website of a lovely, modern room with purple accents was nothing like we got. From the minute we walked in (and waited 10m before hearing a toilet flush and the receptionist - I don't think a place like that gets concierges - to come greet us, or do I mean scowl?) we were worried.

When we got in the small, dirty eleavator things really didn't bode well and our room when we saw it was horrible. Very old fashioned looking and worst of all things like the bath and bathroom were dirty, there was paint peeling from the window sill etc. all things I hoped to avoid by using a chain rather than a standard B&B

We tried Travelodge and whilst I can't fault the establishment when we got there at 1.30 we were unable to check in as that wasn't until 3pm. No problem, our fault for not reading things properly but when we then returned at 3.20 our room still wasn't ready and in fact we had to wait until almost 4 before it was.

Hell if you turn me away at 1.30 and can't keep my bags then you'd bloody better have my room ready when you tell me to return at 3!

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