water_rose (water_rose) wrote in bad_service,

Old Bad Service

Back when I was about 12, I didn't get poket money. Instead I was allowed to collect 'buried tresure', eg; loose change and notes $10 and under that had been on the floor for more then an hour (Mum's way of trying to encourage Dad to be more careful with his money) and I'd be fined a certain amount for any undone chores. So, naturally, all of my savings were in coins with a few notes and I used the drink machine at school to change small coins into $1 or $2 coins. Background out of the way, here comes the suck.

There was a new Pokemon game just out and, like the rest of my friends, I'd been saving for months in advance to get the $50 I needed. The big day comes and I have $20 in $2 coins, $8 in $1 coins and $2 worth of 50c coins. The remaining $20 was in $5 notes. So off I walk to the local K-mart with my best friend at the time and head straight for the games, collect my game and go to the counter, counting my coins and puting them in neat stacks of $10. Then this occurs;

Counter Guy: *looks at my money* We don't take coins.
Me/Friend: *blink*
Me: I'm sorry? *completely confused as to what's going on*
Counter guy: *annoyed look* Kids, go get your parents to give you real money.
Me: But... *starting to tear up now*
Counter Guy: *very slowly* Go. Home. Kid. Get. Money. *takes the game case and walks away*

My friend and I went back to my house, with me in tears, and told my parents what had happened. My dad offers to go and buy the game on his card, but Mum tells him not to and calls K-mart, demanding to speak to the manager. Sure enough, there's no policy about not taking coins and, after a five minute lecture on discrimination, my mum informs the manager that she's coming down, with me and my money and that she expects there to be a copy on my game held until she arrives and that she will be paying exactly as I had tried to.

Sure enough when we arrived 15 minutes later, not only was there a copy of my game on hold, but the manager came down to appologise. So good service in the end, but it was far more effort then should have been required.
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