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I've been mostly lurking for awhile, but received some pretty bad service a few days ago and thought I'd post it here.

I paid to have a design done for one of my websites. The portfolio of the designer's work looked really nice, so that's why I decided to order something from her. What I received looked nothing like anything in her portfolio, and looked rather rushed through, and was really bad quality. I told her that I didn't like it, and asked if she could possibly redo it. I'd say I was pretty polite about it. She replied saying she doesn't redo the designs and I asked if I could have a refund. She ignored the refund request and again said she doesn't redo them and gave me an attitude about it. I was pretty irritated at this point and decided to file a claim with Paypal. She then created a "black list" page on her site and put my name and website URL, as well as other people's. I thought that was really immature and unprofessional. Paypal emailed me and said they don't handle claims on things that aren't shipped goods. So it looks like I won't be getting my money back. It wasn't a lot, but the main thing is I received bad quality work and she refused to work with me, and got a major attitude about it.
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