laurafreak (laurafreak) wrote in bad_service,

Damn Ebay sellers.

This is gonna be short:

I'm so sick if buying/wining something on Ebay, paying instantly with Paypal, and then the seller ships out the items, oh, maybe a week later, sometimes two weeks later.

I bought and paid for sandals on April 28th. I paid as soon as the auction ended. The seller just emailed me TODAY and told me they were just being shipped out tomorrow. WTF! They have stuff on the auction saying how you might have to wait 2 days for this or 2-3 days for that, but 2 weeks? C'mon. And if they knew there was going to be a delay, why did they wait 2 weeks to tell me?!

Also, on April 25th, I bougth and instantly paid for a charger for my dad's mp3 player. That was JUST shipped out yesterday.

This crap happens to me all the time.

They all want their money right away, usually within a set time period, but sure as hell take their sweet time sending you what you paid for.
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