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because I need to rant about this

This happened a few weeks ago, and I'm embarrassed that it's still pissing me off this long afterwards.
I'm a pretty laid back person, I don't like to make waves. I'm also very sensitive to other people's moods and feelings, so I'm overly nice and overly polite to cashiers or whoever I deal with anywhere. Part of this is due to me working in retail and fast food service between the ages of 16-19 (I'm 21 now), I "feel their pain".

Ok, so that's me.

I went to a local Wendy's a few weeks ago. It's a Wendy's I've been going to for, oh, as long as I've lived there or it's been there, whichever came first. A long time. They are always very fast, very friendly, just not your usual gum-chewing blank-faced teenagers working behind a cash register.

I drove through an ordered a 5pc. nugget with BBQ sauce AND Honey Mustard. I always do that. They put both on the screen. Alot of times they forget one or the other, but it's not a big deal (again, I don't like to make waves). Well, when I got to the window, my bag was just basically thrust out at me with no "hello", no "thank you", nothing. Just, a hand out the window with a lady looking away from me. Ok...not a big deal, it was lunch time.
I checked out the bag, there was no honey mustard. Today, I really REALLY wanted honey mustard (what can I say, I'm a hormonal woman). I sat politely until I got her attention and just said that they forgot my honey mustard, and could I please have just one? (Also, I had never seen this person before, if it matters).

She literally snapped at me, "It's already in your bag." Then she turned away.
I checked the bag again, nope. At this point, I'm thinking ok. It's not a big deal, but damnit I really want this honey mustard and now it's just the PRINCIPLE of the matter. I checked, I waited to catch her eye again and AGAIN politely (almost apologetically, because I'm a pushover like that) said ", I don't see it, can I just have one please?"

She ignored me, and went to work on other orders behind me. Another girl in there had been watching this exchange and was looking at me, then her, kind of nervously (she reminded me of myself when I worked in food, heh). She came and asked what was up, I again was very nice and said that I just needed some honey mustard, there's none in the bag, please? She asked the other lady about it (right at the window). This is the kicker for me - the lady looked at me, then her, and said very loudly, "OH I PUT some in her BAG."

Wtf? Yes, I am lying about the honey mustard so I can *gasp* get another one FREEE (haha IM so CLEVR U GUYZ). MMk. So at this point I did get kind of pissed and I snapped back, "Ma'am, there is not one in here and you are welcome to look through this bag." as I held it up. A few seconds of them ignoring me passes before the original lady snaps at the nice one, "Give her the damn honey mustard."

I thanked the nice girl profusely and drove off steaming angry. What the hell, I just had a fight with someone over honey mustard?! Lame. I know. It's embarrassing, but it was mostly the implication that I was lying about it that just pissed me off. Sure, if I was asking for a burger they forgot or fries or something, but a condiment?! Rawr.

I feel better now. ;D
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