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A couple of weeks ago - April 23rd, to be exact - I went to Borders with my boyfriend because I had a couple of coupons. We ended up buying close to $175 worth of books, with $19 off because of sales/coupons.

I started reading one of the books about a week later and noticed that the first couple of pages were loose. When I was 50 pages in, the first section was almost completely dettached from the spine of the book. Luckily, I still had the receipt, so I wrapped a rubber-band around the book and receipt and put it in a drawer for a few days until I had a chance to go to the store.

Yesterday (May 7th) was the first chance I had to get back to the store where I bought the book. I had worked at a local Waldenbooks for the holiday season, and had noticed in April that my manager from Walden had transferred to Borders.

I went up to the register, where I showed the cashier my receipt and book and asked if it would be possible to exchange it. She was very accomidating and called a manager up, wishing me luck in exchanging my book.

The manager shows up, and it's Mike, the one I'd worked for. I show him the book and receipt and tell him that if it were only one or two pages, I wouldn't have asked, but because it's a good amount of pages, I'd like to trade for a new copy if possible. He hemmed and hawwed, saying that he probably couldn't because they couldnt re-sell it in it's current condition. He then wandered off, supposedly to check with the other manager (even though he didn't even bring the book with him).

He came back and told me that he couldn't exchange the book because it was too damaged for them to re-sell it. Fine. I can understand that. However...I'D SEEN HIM RETURN/EXCHANGE BOOKS IN WORSE CONDITION, AND GIVE EXTRA DISCOUNTS TOO.

I don't know, maybe Im over-reacting, but hello! I mean, I had the receipt, I had the book (which, other than the loose pages, was in excellent condition - the pages are all straight and the cover hasn't even been creased - and it's paperback).

I feel a bit cheated here.

On a side note, any chance anyone here knows anything about re-binding paperback books?

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